Medical Travel Support

Hospitals and other medical emergency services are not always readily available e.g. on an exotic get-away on- and offshore or while traveling into remote areas on a business journey. Further medical risks in remote environments include the lack of competence of the practicing medical staff, low hygienic standards, dysfunctional medical equipment or being treated with counterfeited medication products (WHO Report 2015, “Counterfeit Medication“).
Often enough the initial stage of normally cured illnesses in the Western world can develop to a life-threatening emergency abroad, if not treated early and with genuine medication at hand.

ComitesRisk Solutions provides globally both private and business travellers, depending on the scope of demanded services, with seasoned medical staff en route. All Medics possess internationally accredited certifications and are permitted to perform medical interventions independently.
ComitesRisk Solutions Medics (accompanying clients) or our clients themselves are then provided with the latest equipment in satellite-telecommunication. This allows them to engage or schedule telemedicine consultations with a medical specialist doctor while travelling. The medical doctors of our partner company MFO SA thereby guarantee a 24/7 availability. They are equally capable to facilitate as well as organize a sanitary evacuation for patients in critical medical conditions from any part of the world.
Such operations have been successfully concluded in the past on various occasions.

An initial medical check-up of clients is common procedures at an exclusive private clinic close to Geneva. Precautions for clients with existing health issues will be assimilated and taken care of in advance, in direct collaboration with the individuals’s physician.

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A Service in cooperation with the Medical Family Office



     "A response service managed by senior emergency doctors"

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