Personal Protection

Being exposed to threats from criminal organizations, social activist groups or religiously motivated individuals could cause tremendous restrictions in life quality, seizing international business opportunities or achieving personal objectives, as it often also affects the lives of closest family members.

Providing close protection to clients at risk, ComitesRisk Solutions dedicated itself entirely to protecting Principals´ well-being, their freedom and integrity in literally any environment worldwide.

As the loyal and trusted partner of internationally active clients, we mitigate security risks professionally in day-to-day operations. To ComitesRisk Solutions personal security implies to proactively avoid circumstances that could endanger our Principals´ lives, their reputation or family members. On the other side, our operatives are highly-skilled to react effectively to dynamically evolving threats and also remain flexible toward changes of plans. This certainly includes also to be trained and equipped for medical emergency interventions en route.

ComitesRisk Solutions incorporates cost-effective operational, personnel, procedural and technical security measures, which are in line with our clients´ threat level as well as with their individual expectations and preferences.

Our corporate and private clients are therefore able to e.g. safely develop business relationships in politically unstable countries, sustain mobility of their workforce in complex environments or simply lead private lives according to their individual standards.

ComitesRisk Solutions´ protective service encompasses aspects like:

  • Security Analysis Scheme of threats and protective countermeasures
  • Real-time Intelligence Gathering at travel itineraries
  • Personal Protection in permissive and non-permissive environments
  • Coordination of protective services abroad with local security authorities
  • Medical Emergency Support with the assistance of a 24/7 available emergency doctor (telemedicine)
  • Surveillance Detection & Counter-Surveillance

Our mostly European personal protection specialists benefit from operational experience on all continents with Principals ranging from key governmental personnel, company executives and NGO staff members to high net-worth individuals and their families.

For further information about our Close Protection service, please contact us.